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AOF June 2016: Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance is our Artist on Fire for June 2016!

Singer/songwriter, Greyson Chance released his new EP Somewhere Over My Head today, May 13.  A departure from his previous albums, Somewhere Over My Head showcases his mature sound and range.  With sultry tunes like his debut single “Afterlife” to the upbeat and danceable track “Back on the Wall.” Greyson draws from R&B, funk, and jazz influences that have him reaching impressive vocal heights with bluesy baritones and soaring high notes.

Greyson wrote the tracks between Oklahoma and Los Angeles.

 “Considering that I haven’t released a body of music in over three years, Somewhere Over My Head is extremely important to me. It’s just as much my EP as it is my supporters’ EP; they’ve stuck by me since the beginning when I was twelve,” said Greyson. “Every song has a story and message within it and I hope the listener enjoys peeling back the layers and finding those stories. Somewhere Over My Head is a reintroduction back to music for me and how I’ve grown from being just a twelve-year-old kid playing the piano to who I am now.”

The critically lauded Greyson Chance shot to fame for his precocious performance of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” in 2010.  The video garnered close to 55 million views on YouTube and earned him 2.5 million Twitter followers and 3.5 million Facebook “likes.”

At the young age of 14, Greyson moved back home to Oklahoma to take a break from the music scene. Almost 5 years later, he is making his triumphant return to music.


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