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7 Quirky Details You Probably Missed In Beauty and the Beast

We wonder if the live action will have some of these!

1. The book that Belle reads at the fountain is her own story! 

Disney / Buzzfeed

Don't those two people look a lot like Belle and her beastly prince? 

2. Belle's look was inspired by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Buzzfeed

And both of them embark on a thrilling adventure!

3. When Belle and the Prince dance in the final scene, the people in the background aren't animated to save production money!

via GIPHY / Disney

4. Also, that dancing scene bears an awful lot of resemblance to that from Sleeping Beauty!

Disney / Buzzfeed

5. Check out that famous painting amongst the Beast's possessions!

Jon-Michael Poff / BuzzFeed / Disney / Johannes Vermeer / Mauritshuis

6. Can anyone else spot an almost-perfect Mickey on the back of Cogsworth!?

Disney / Buzzfeed

7. After Gaston falls to his death... his state is confirmed in his eyes. Literally.

Disney / Buzzfeed


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Article source: Buzzfeed

Cover image via Disney (screen shot)

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