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Instagram Fixed The "Singapore Boost" Hack.

Update has been released.

Recently, people who geotagged "Singapore, Singapore" on their Instagram posts have been going viral and it helped users gather enormous amounts of likes, comments and followers too. The social networking service told BBC that it was a "bug that impacted engagement" when any posts were tagged with Singapore.

via Instagram

The hack apparently worked with when a user sets the location of that particular post to "Singapore, Singapore" even if they are not near the region at all.  Once the user started attracting all the likes and comments after posting, the location tag can be removed and the number of likes still remains. 

Even Internet celebrities like Amanda Cerny and King Bach started geotagging Singapore on their posts. Twitter users were confused:

via Twitter 

via Twitter

A digital strategist based in Singapore, Anna Lee, called the hack the "Singapore Boost."

However, this bug or hack has already been fixed with the recent update from Instagram.

Cover image via Digital Trends

Article via Next Shark

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