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10 Reasons Why A UK Degree Makes You a Better Employee

Things You’ll Want to Remember When Applying for UK Universities

Choosing a uni is easily one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. Whether you go with a school oversees or one locally-based, where you study will have a huge impact on the future you choose to lead.

That is why making the right choice for YOU is so important!

If you’re already thinking about studying in the UK, maybe you’ve clicked here because you’re looking for strong selling points to convince your parents…  or you might just be wondering for yourself:

What will give me a competitive advantage when entering the professional world?

Here’s why a UK uni education could just be a VERY strategic move for you!

1. You’ll get the right training


When applying for jobs, it definitely helps that you’ll have learned the necessary problem solving skills (and others!) to best understand your field from global perspective - whether its law, medicine or the arts you’re studying – because the syllabus and technical skills taught are largely accepted by many other countries.

2. You’ll already be exposed to working with people from all walks of life


The UK is an international melting pot of cultures, so all those group assignments with course mates from all over the world with different viewpoints and styles of working will certainly be a plus point when applying for a job in a multinational corporation!

3. You’ll be the best of both worlds


You get to bring to the table your values and skill sets as a Malaysian (hint: being multilingual is a huge advantage) PLUS the necessary skills and hacks you’ve learned whilst living and learning in the UK. That’s some competitive edge!

4. You’ll be learning from some of the best  


The UK has many great universities, including some in the world Top 10! So whether you choose to stay on in the UK or return home after studying, you’ll have a strong degree in your pocket to pull out when you need it!

5. You have more career options, internationally


After all you’re already there, meaning you’ll have easier access to jobs and be readily available for interviews. If you’ve worked part-time or completed an internship during your course, you’ll already be familiar with the general work culture, practices, and social norms, which is a plus point! There are also a lot of multinational corporations based in the UK, so an interview may probably be one foot in into any of their offices globally!

6. Your level of English will be awesome 


You know what they say… there’s no better way to perfect a language than living in the native land. Improving your British English will benefit you regardless of where you choose to work!

7. You’ll get to call yourself a risk taker!


Come on. Moving all the way to the other side of the world to pursue your dreams? The courage that takes won’t not look good on a C.V. 

8. You can build the necessary contacts way in advance

Don’t forget to take advantage of living in the UK for your studies! Take that opportunity to brush up on your networking skills. Join clubs and associations. Be sure to keep in contact with professors and ask for references. There may be a job waiting for you that isn’t even publically listed yet!

9. You’ll know all about independence


Studying abroad will likely mean that you’ll be far from your family at home. This means while handling your academic responsibilities, you’ll have to handle laundry, cooking, cleaning...did someone say “multitasker”? 

 10.  Employers will definitely take you seriously


To be selected to study at a UK university as an international student isn’t easy. You need to have a lot of determination and hard work to be where you are today, and your prospective employers will see that in you!

If this doesn’t convince you, we’ll let the Study UK Exhibition do the talking, literally. Check out one of their seminars called “Graduating with a UK Degree: What Next?” and find out what universities are doing to help increase the employability of its international graduates.

To find out more about other seminars, browse through their event listing here and if you pre-register here, you’ll stand a chance to win movie and retail vouchers.

Article source: The Undercover Recruiter / Oxford-Royale

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