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Brazilian Kid Pulled Off One Of The Most Hilarious Pranks Ever

Give this boy a medal

Have you ever walked into a cellphone store and messed around with the phones or tablets? Well, this boy took it to another level.

According to Twitter user Camilla, she noticed a boy going around giggling in the cellphone store. She went closer to see, and found this.

(Ps: todos os aparelhos da loja estavam assim)

— KK Camilla (@kkcamilla) January 2, 2017

Translation: “I don’t know about you guys, but I already found my new role model for 2017.”

This boy did not only took a selfie with these phones and tablets, but he set the photos as wallpapers for the devices! The faces he made were priceless!

Don’t go around doing this now. *takes photo*

Image via Twitter/@kkcamilla

Article source: Buzzfeed


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