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What People Think Medical Students Do Vs. What We Really Do

It’s not what you think!

We all know how tough it is out there. Especially when you’re studying medicine, which is 5 years long. But then again, does everyone really know what it’s like to study medicine?

Here’s what goes down.

1. What My Parents Think I Do


“When I told my parents about studying medicine, my parents were super happy. They actually said ‘THANK GOD!’” – Alyssa, 18

2. What My Friends Think I Do

“My friends call me a nerd because they think medicine is for smart people only… they also sometimes tease me to start working out so I can be the next Dr. Mike.” – Asyraf, 22.

3. What My Lecturer Thinks I Do


4. What I Think I Do


“To be honest, I sometimes imagine myself to be like House or Dr. Strange when I’m in the operation theatre. *tee hee * – Ravi, 25

5. What I Really Do




“There are times when I just wanna flip the table and give up. There are just too many things to remember and I can’t ‘brain’ it.” – Adlina, 21.

But then again, is it really like that? Being a doctor is a reputable occupation. Going through hurdles during your long years of medical studies will definitely be worth it!

“The housemanship was tough, I won’t lie…2 years! But I’m finally a full-fledged practising doctor now, and I can’t wait to start specialising.” – Kian, 30

“I think only in the medical field you’ll see all sorts of things. It makes for great stories at the dinner table – as long as it doesn’t involve dismembered body parts or blood. Jokes aside, for every person you treat successfully, makes every hardship you had to go through a lot more worth it.” – Fara, 28

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